The Visionary Optics team spoke with Annie Lee Kim, OD, FAAO, FSLS, at South Pasadena Optometric Group about how the sMap3D helped her achieve great fits and significantly decreased chair time for her patients. She decided to invest in the sMap3D on the recommendation of a trusted friend and colleague, Dr. Thanh Mai.

“I love that it allows me to provide patients with a visual on the shape of their eye and our goal with fitting the scleral lens,” said Dr. Lee Kim. “I also appreciate that I can submit orders on my own time and after-hours and know that the consultants have full access to the patient’s data with the press of a few buttons.”

Read about how Dr. Lee Kim used the sMap3D technology to design a lens for a patient whose doctors told her she had no options for lenses that would stabilize her vision.

Case Study

The Challenge

My patient was unhappy with her vision after having radial keratotomy (RK) several decades ago. Just like many other patients who have had RK, she was frustrated with the fluctuations in vision, and was sick of having to wear multiple pairs of glasses throughout the day. When she came to see me, she had essentially given up. She said that the doctors had always told her that the surgery was to blame and there was no other option to stabilize her vision. I tried explaining how scleral lenses could help solve her visual concerns, but she was doubtful and hesitant to believe me.

The Solution

The sMap3D allowed me to show the patient the irregular shape of her eyes and explain how a scleral lens could mask the irregularity to solve her problems. It wasn’t until she saw the actual visual on the computer screen that she understood what was going on. She was so impressed with the technology that she immediately trusted what I was doing, even though I had just met her. The sMap3D has a way of providing a “wow” factor for patients.

The sMap3D was extremely helpful in solidifying the haptic fit. My patient had a very irregular sclera, and a significant amount of cylindrical over-refraction. If you fit scleral lenses, you know it can feel like you’re chasing a moving target when you place a front toric on a toric scleral lens. With the sMap3D, I was able to finalize her lenses after only three visits, which is astonishing in this case.

The Results

My patient was absolutely blown away when we achieved the final lens fit. She told me that she was able to go to holiday luncheons and evening parties, wearing the same prescription with no problems seeing. Her only complaint was not having been fit into these lenses sooner!

When it comes to fitting scleral lenses, I want to know exactly how the changes that I’m making will affect the fit, and every consultant at Visionary Optics has been very knowledgeable and patient with explaining their recommendations.