Lenses and Lens Options

We understand how important it is for our patients to see optimally. We have chosen only lenses and lens additions that have performed consistently superior to other options on the market.

When it comes to lenses for your frames, we believe that we should only offer products that we feel confident recommending. That’s why we have chosen to offer high-quality yet affordable lens materials and lens options in our practice:

Crizal Anti-reflective Coating
Anti-reflective coatings once used to be a luxury item. However, it has proven to be so beneficial in decreasing glare, especially at night, that it is now uncommon to not have an anti-reflective coating added onto one’s lenses. The coating that we use in our office is not really a coating like most other coatings which tend to rub off. Instead, Crizal is ground into the lens and therefore cannot be rubbed off with a lens cloth. We are so certain of the durability of this product that we offer a one-year scratch-free warranty on lenses purchased with this option.

Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses are a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who require sunglasses that reduce glare. The polarized lenses block out horizontal light that is reflected off of surfaces like a flat road or smooth water, reducing annoying glare. These lenses are especially popular among our patients that are fishermen, bikers, golfers, and joggers.

Transitions Lenses
Transitions lenses are an innovative lens design that offers you the benefits of clear lenses indoors and at night plus distinct advantages of sunglasses outdoors – all in one lens. The lenses are activated by ultraviolet rays which cause the lenses to darken outdoors and fade to clear lenses indoors, while blocking out harmful UV rays which can damage your eye health.

Ultraviolet Coatings
Ultraviolet coatings are routinely recommended for all our patients’ lenses regardless of age. UVA and UVB rays have been clinically proven to increase the likelihood of early cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye diseases. We strongly believe that protecting even the youngest eyes will help to decrease the accumulation of UV damage over the years, thereby keeping our patients’ eyes healthy longer. An ultraviolet coating is a clear coating that can be added to any lenses while not changing its tint. Our sunglasses, Transitions lenses, and other lens materials already come with a UV coating.

Progressive Lenses
If you are over the age of 40 and have noticed difficulty reading, you are a likely candidate for bifocals or Progressive addition lenses. Unlike bifocals which have a segmented line which separates the top and bottom of the lens, Progressive lenses allow for a seamless transition from your distance vision to your intermediate and reading vision. We carry the latest progressives from Varilux, the standard in Progressive lens design, which have proven to be the most successful.

Thinner and Lighter
Trivex is the lens material of choice over plastic. It is a newer lens material that is impact-resistant, therefore less likely to shatter, and comes with an ultraviolet coating and scratch-resistant coating. It is also lighter and thinner than standard plastic and recommended for patients with astigmatism.

Hi-index lenses are also an excellent option because it is so lightweight. We carry the latest and thinnest lens, 1.74 hi-index, which is the thinnest material available in the US market. This lens also comes with an ultraviolet coating in addition to the Crizal anti-reflective coating.

For additional questions regarding frames and lenses, please contact us at (626) 441-5300.