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We believe in providing optimal comfort, vision and health for our contact lens wearers. That’s why we have chosen only the latest in contact lens materials that have proven to be the most successful, even for our difficult-to-fit corneas.

We carry the latest in contact lens materials and brands, those that have been repeatedly chosen by patients for comfort and vision. The most recent advances in contact lenses are the new silicione hydrogel lens material which allow for greater oxygen permeability and less discomfort due to dryness, which means a longer wearing time for the average patient.

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maxitears_dry_eyebigNumerous studies have shown that those who suffer from certain eye conditions benefit from the use of supplements.  Our doctors have found that patients who suffer from dry eye disease have found relief in the form of omega-3 supplements.  We prefer the MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula because the omega-3 oils contained in the capsules comprise a variety of oils such as flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and salmon oil.  Most importantly, our patients have found an improvement in their condition with the use of the vitamins.  We recommend using two to four capsules a day, depending on the severity of dryness.


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Studies have also shown that lutein and zeaxanthin are helpful in slowing the progression of patients who have macular degeneration.  Patients who demonstrate early signs of macular degeneration would benefit from supplements that contain the ingredients from the AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study) and AREDS2 study. Please ask your doctor if you would benefit from these supplements.


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